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Veteran Letters

What the word Veteran means to me...

There are many meanings to the word Veteran but to me the word Veteran means comradeship... brotherhood. It is much like you with your school friends. You see each other everyday and some of you might become lifelong friends to one another. This is much the same way with a veteran. Especially a war veteran.

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Stories of War
Sherman Tank

After we landed at the beach, we got up into Ste. Mere Eglise, that was the first town that was in the process of being taken, and there were gliders all over the place. Loaded with gliders. Every field had gliders tipped up, turned over, there were ten, fifteen guys in the nose of them, still laying there, and all their equipment, dead. There were so many gliders that struck things and killed all the men in them.

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Frontline Photos

One of our crewmembers in Afganistan was working on his aircraft when he felt something touch the top of his foot. He looked down and froze when he saw this beasty on his foot - it is about a six foot cobra. That'll get your attention. It was seeking refuge in the fuel vent area above the right forward landing gear.

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Benefits & Training

Veteran's benefits currently available to qualified veterans include veterans training in computer technical certification programs leading to the attainment of a certification in pursuance of or enhancing employment. US veterans may apply for the Montgomery GI Bill benefits through the Veterans Administration or for computer certification may call (800) 611-1840 for assistance and information regarding specific computer training certification programs for veterans. Beginning October 1, 2002 an accelerated payment veterans training benefit is available paying up to 60% of the cost of the course.

What is the Montgomery GI Bill?

How much might the VA pay for a computer certification course?

Can I apply for my education benefits on-line?

What is an Accelerated Payment?

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