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Benefits & Training

What is the Montgomery GI Bill?

Who is eligible for the Montgomery GI Bill?

Can I apply for my education benefits on-line?

What is an Accelerated Payment?

Can I receive accelerated payments for computer training and certification courses?

If you're a veteran with G.I. Bill Benefits and you're looking for a good job, or you want to change jobs, getting a computer certification may be your answer.

Careers in the computing industry are more sought after today than ever before, and those who can prove themselves are the ones who will get ahead. Employers are looking for those people who have proven that they are dedicated, committed and have a strong knowledge base. In today's business and government climate, having a certification can open doors for you.

Veteran Administration education benefits under the Montgomery GI Bill now pay up to 60% of the costs for short term, high-tech certification courses like the ones offered by our partner site CED Solutions.

CED Solutions provides nationwide computer training and is approved by the Veterans Administration for training.

Ten Certification MCSA/MCSE: Windows 2003 Security & CCNA/CCDA/CCDP/CCNP® Certification Boot Camp $13,995
Oracle10g™ DBA Certification Boot Camp $8,495
MCSA/MCSE: Windows 2003 Security & Cisco CCNA® Certification Boot Camp $7,995
Cisco CCNA/CCNP® Dual Certification Boot Camp $7,995
MCSA/MCSE: Windows 2003 Security 6 Certification Boot Camp $6,995
Microsoft Office Specialist 2003 Certification Boot Camp $4,495
Pricing for all CED Solutions Boot Camps

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